There were several huge gold rushes in the 19th century. As the precious metal was discovered in countries like Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and the USA, miners upped sticks and traveled the world to seek their fortunes. In 2021 there’s another goldrush happening, but this time people don’t even need to leave their bedrooms to get hold of it. No, it’s not printer ink (which pound for pound is more expensive than gold). The answer is: Data.

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the world

Businesses like Facebook and Google have built global empires on the back of collecting and leveraging data. Governments and legislators have implemented policies to protect data, placing a growing level of responsibility on businesses of all sizes to protect the data they hold. Meantime, criminals have set up marketplaces on the dark web for trading stolen data. The stakes are high. Losing data or having it stolen can ruin your reputation, and expose you to significant fines.


What steps are your IT support team taking to protect your Data?

Don’t get caught out. Protecting your business from today’s constantly evolving threats requires a smart and proactive approach. Work with an IT support provider who handles your data with care, and works with you to build appropriate levels of protection.

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