Did you realise that earlier this year, Office 365 was rebranded as Microsoft 365? Look under the hood and you’ll see that it’s not just Microsoft’s marketing team that’s had a busy year.

Here are three great features that have been released in the past few months:

Money in Excel:

Do you use spreadsheets to keep track of your budgets and finances? Money in Excel offers a convenient way to manage your money without needing to manually input your data. It offers a secure way to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically import your transactions. No more copying and pasting or flicking between apps. Money in Excel is currently live in the US and comes bundled with a range of other tools to help you track your spending habits, and work towards your financial goals.

Application Guard:

If you’ve got a decent IT partner, they’ll have told you about the risks of opening dodgy files that can expose your network to malware attacks. With Application Guard for Office, any risky files will automatically open in a secure container that’s completely isolated from the rest of your data. A key difference in this new update is that you’re free to edit, print, and save the files without ever needing to take them out of the secure container.

Ideas in Excel:

Ideas in Excel makes it super easy to get quick insights about your data. You just need to highlight a selection of data, hit a button, and Excel will get back to you with interesting things it notices about it. It will even come back with pre-built tables, charts, or Pivot Tables that can easily be added to your document. You can also go one step further and type a question for Excel about your data.

Microsoft 365

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