Why Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a great tool to keep your productivity at its best. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, go to the Apps tab inside Teams and download “Tasks by Planner and To Do”. The Microsoft Planner app will be downloaded and can be used directly inside of Teams. Create multiple shared plans based on your different departments, e.g Sales or Finance, and collaborate on shared tasks.

How to use Microsoft Planner

First, you need to create a Teams Channel (e.g. Sales) inside the Teams tab in Microsoft Teams. You then create a shared plan under the same name for the department you need (Sales). Once inside your shared plan, you can click on “Add task” under the to do list. Give your task a title, assign the relevant employees in this department, and set a due date for this task. You can create a checklist and add comments/notes.

Collaboration with Microsoft Planner

Because you already have Microsoft Planner inside of Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to share information, chat, or call your fellow employees from one central location.

What Should Your Business do

Watch this short 2 min video for an overview of Microsoft Planner.

If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 account or haven’t been trained correctly to use the tools you have, contact us now!

In the time of COVID, collaborating and connecting through tools like Microsoft Teams is the way to move forward.

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