Security Awareness

Why is cybersecurity awareness important? Because you opened that thing you shouldn’t have and your screen is screaming at you, now what?

Accidents happen. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s even easier for hackers and scammers to target vulnerable workforce employees and take advantage. But what do you do when you have made a mistake or have fallen victim to a scam? Let’s explore:

Hiding it is bad.

In a survey run by Kaspersky, they found that 40% of businesses admit that employees hide IT incidents. This is mostly due to fear of being punished by their employers. By hiding these incidents, businesses are put at an even higher risk as they usually wouldn’t be aware of the issue, meaning the situation could potentially get worse. This could be by opening a bad attachment, accessing a bad website, passing business information through fake forms, etc.

Coming forward and explaining the incident means that it can be resolved faster, but business owners need to help their users come forward.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Business Culture and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Awareness isn’t generally something that comes to mind when you think about business culture, but it is very important. Having a positive, non-punitive cybersecurity culture, with an educational approach will benefit your business and the workforce. Users being comfortable to come forward and admit that something happened or that a mistake was made will make for a much quicker resolution.

Having educational sessions with your staff and experts can be beneficial in their confidence to handle situations and threats, keeping your business safer in the process.

Would you like to arrange an educational session for you and your workforce? If you’re interested in an educational session on Cybersecurity Awareness for your business, contact us and we will arrange one with you.

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