Why use Proofpoint?

We all know that email is one of the largest sources for hackers or cyber criminals to target your business through various email scamming attempts. Phishing and email scams are on the rise and not slowing down, especially in the middle of Covid. These threats are evolving and your business needs to be on their toes and take action to avoid falling prey to a cyber attack. An email filtering system/software is a great way to improve your cyber security. You’ve probably received a couple of fraudulent emails if you own a business, and definitely a lot of spam that just unnecessarily fills up your inbox.

If you’re unsure about what the different types of malicious attacks are called, read more here!

How easy is it to use Proofpoint?

Using this email filtering system is easier to use than you may think, for any user. Inside of Proofpoint, if you click on “Log Search” you will see a list of currently blocked or quarantined emails. This means these emails have not made it to your inbox yet due to the filtering protection software working its magic. Each quarantined email will be classified according to its classification/type (spam, fraud, etc.) and threat level, showing you how dangerous each mail is.

By clicking on the eye icon, you can choose which action to take. You can choose to view the message safely, report as false positive which marks the sender as safe for future emails, release the mail on a one-time basis, or simply delete the mail. We at Simpl usually leave blocked mails in quarantine and they are automatically deleted. You also have the ability to view in-depth information based on the email/sender by clicking on the three lines button (Info such as the IP address, level of threat, and which action you should take). Great for improving your cyber security, right!?

Features/tools inside of Proofpoint.

If you go to “Spam Settings” inside of Proofpoint, you can configure how sensitive you’d like this email filtering software to treat your suspicious mail, and other settings on what actions you’d like to take when spam is identified. These settings should be configured by an IT professional.

If you forget to login to Proofpoint each day to view any new blocked emails, you don’t need to worry. Under the “Digests” section you can enable digests in order to receive a routine email from Proofpoint, summarising new blocked emails and allowing you to review, and decide to release or block each sender or email. You choose how often you would like to receive your digest, it can be once a day or every few hours, it’s up to you!

Have more than one email address linked to your email account? That’s not a problem, you can link multiple email addresses to your account, whether it be sales@abc.com, accounts@abc.com, or info@abc.com. Somehow forgot who you unblocked? Just go the the “Allow/Block Sender Lists” to see who is blocked and who is unblocked.

What Should Your Business do.

Watch this short 2 min video for an overview of Proofpoint Email Filtering.

If you receive fraudulent/spam emails on a daily basis, contact us now!

Email attacks are not going away anytime soon and your cyber security needs to be on par!

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