Working From Home
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted the working lives of millions of people worldwide. Now that we are bound to our homes, businesses are faced with the challenge of running their operations remotely. Fortunately, applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack make this easier and implementable – all at a low cost. 
Microsoft Teams may seem like a complex application and may confuse you and your employees. However, with our free webinar training, we set you up for success. Starting with the basics on what the application is, how it can be setup and how to use it effectively during the time we need to work at home.


Basics of Microsoft Teams. Webinar on Microsoft Teams.
Not only will this benefit you while you work from home, but when normal work-life resumes, this application can be utilised in normal operations. Schedule meetings, create private groups and message employees -this application has it all.

What did we go through in this webinar?

 – What is Microsoft Teams?
 – The basics.
 – The Teams View
 – Channels
 – Create a Team
 – Create a Channel
 – Posts & Tabs
 – Files & SharePoint
 – Chat features
We also went through some questions at the end of the webinar. We hope you enjoy 🙂
Set your business up for success with our business packages.

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