"A well planned and executed building upgrade"

Network upgrade required due to building upgrade.

The Issue

One of our clients contacted us to discuss their plans of upgrading their pharmacy. They showed us the construction plans and from there, Simpl was requested to start the IT planning to ensure their business could continue operations while construction was taking place.



Client Request

Simpl was advised to be the central point of contact to ensure each phase of the project was completed successfully. Simpl was responsible to be in contact with all parties that influenced the IT of the business. This ranged from the construction team, IT & network infrastructure and hardware installation, security system installation/upgrade, and Pharmacy software and hardware upgrades.


Our Solution

Simpl began the process by arranging a meeting with the owners of the Pharmacy and all parties involved. The construction plans were fully analysed and specific instructions were agreed to for each phase of the upgrade. Responsibilities and timeframes were discussed with all involved.


The Results

As with any project, there were some hickups, but with Simpl Solutions driving the entire project and being the central point of contact, the entire building upgrade was completed successfully. The Pharmacy could continue operating as each phase was completed. The final stage involved a switchover of the fibre to the newly installed network, where Simpl now has entire remote access control to ensure reliability and business continuity.


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