“We were locked into a 5-year contract and did not know if we had options"

Improved reliability and reduced costs for continued business operations.

The Issue

During business evaluation and analysis of a prospective client, it was discovered that the telephone system in place was not a VoIP system. The client had entered a contract with a PABX service provider on a rental contract, without an option to purchase the hardware. According to the client, the system was unreliable and ineffective. A component failure in the PABX was not covered under the existing contract and a quote of R100k was given to replace the part to the client.

Client Request

To provide the client with a solution that would help the business to continue their operations with no downtime or interruptions.

Our Solution
Simpl, after fully understanding the business needs and constraints, implemented a cloud based PABX system. However, for the client to move to the system, Simpl facilitated the deployment of fibre to improve connectivity. The overall solution improved telephony and internet reliability and quality as well as improved speeds. The cloud based PABX system allowed for the client to reduce call costs and own their own hardware.
The Results
Business operations went back to normal with an increase in quality of daily business operations. Although the client could not terminate their 5-year contract, by moving to Simpl, the cost savings and value add far outweighed persisting with the current service provider. In addition, the new solution has positioned the client to grow their business and allow it to improve productivity. The new VoIP system implemented allows an employee to work from any location. Together with tools like Microsoft 365 allows companies to work remotely and face any disruption event, like Covid-19, without impacting business processes.

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