"The impact of our partnership with the client has been profound. "

Building trust in a New IT Company.

The Issue

Our latest addition to the Simpl Solutions family came to us with a myriad of IT woes. With employees working mostly remotely, their previous IT providers had left them feeling frustrated and disconnected (Get it?).

 –  Slow response times
 –  A deficit with Mac expertise
 – An overall sense of distrust in IT

Client Request

Their desire was clear: A seamless, secure, and educational IT experience.

Our Solution

Simpl overhauled their IT support, deploying a highly responsive remote team. To counter the constant threat of cyberattacks, we implemented an advanced email filtering system. Next, we assigned our best Mac experts to ensure seamless support for the client’s Mac-based systems. Above all, we aimed to prove genuine commitment to their success as we set out to rebuild the trust our client had lost in their IT provider.

The Results

Simpl has reduced IT request response times by more than 80%. With the implementation of our enhanced cybersecurity measures, we have successfully blocked over 150 spam and malware attempts in just two months. Our team of experts ensured that Mac users received the same high-quality support as their Windows counterparts. Most importantly, trust is being restored in their IT team with every support call.

The impact of our partnership with the client has been profound.

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