"They reduced our budget by 75%"

The Questioning of Existing IT Costs.

The Issue

One of our newly signed clients started questioning absurd current IT costs at that stage specifically in relation to time spent on solving IT issues. Working on their server without remote management installed created this problem. The IT company at the time would come and collect the server and perform hours of work. The time allocation seemed highly excessive.

Client Request

Arrange a meeting to discuss current IT costs and if they were accurate in relation to the specific job completed.

Our Solution

simpl provided a proposal to solve the issue of excessive IT costs and streamline their services. The use of remote management solved most issues as well as removing the onsite server and moving to the cloud. We provided an unlimited remote support solution to provide an accurate monthly IT cost.

The Results

The client’s IT costs were reduced by 75% while receiving more advanced services and a more trustworthy approach to IT. The client is now also able to accurately budget for IT costs.

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