“We weren't even aware of our issues"

Uncovering underlying problems.

The Issue

A site investigation leading to raised concerns. We identified numerous red flags: Onsite backups using an external hard drive, no adequate internet connection, no failover internet connection, using landlines for business, certain pirated copies of Microsoft Office and Windows, and an unmanaged/unorganised network.

Client Request

After explaining the potential risks to the business, we were asked to begin mitigating these risks.
Our Solution
Working alongside our valuable partners, we began our process through deployment of a dedicated fibre line with an LTE backup connection. Moving to a cloud based backup was far more secure and reliable. We analysed all devices onsite and moved them to licensed Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. Upgrading their network gave us a clear understanding of how to effectively manage it. The final step was to switch over to our VoIP platform for improved quality and reliability as this functioned over the fibre line.
The Results
The business improved their IT in every regard: Reliability, quality, redundancy, no downtime, and business continuity. A streamlined, single point of contact IT solution was created.

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