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Many businesses do not want to change their current telephone and PBX systems as the capital outlay can be expensive and the process can be time consuming. But these same businesses also want to increase efficiency and remote capabilities.

Get the best of both worlds with Simpl and Microsoft Teams.

With the world being what it is, and the Work From Home model being the new business norm, the use of Microsoft Teams and similar tools has become a necessity. This Microsoft Teams integration brings the final piece to the puzzle in true unified communication and collaboration. And makes it simple.

– R. Jones, Simpl | Managing Director.

Make and receive your business calls, all through Microsoft Teams

Seamless integration with almost any PBX

No need to change call queues or hunt lists

Configured and running quickly and easily

Make your office calls on any device, from anywhere

Keep your current provider

(or move to us, it's your choice)

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See if you qualify for a 30-day free trial

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