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Avoid paying for ransomware!

Traditional Anti-Virus runs scheduled scans on your PC and compares your files to a database of known threats. They rely on your computer being connected to the internet to function correctly.

There is rarely a traditional Anti-Virus that offers a recovery method if your files are hacked, but only to eliminate or quarantine the threat, thus losing your files in the process. You can receive a basic report about viruses with limited information.

People creating hacks and malicious software are keeping up with the latest developments in technology. The only way to keep up, is to adopt the same approach and to stay one step ahead with the best Anti-Virus available.

Can your business afford to pay ransomware in excess of a million Rand or will it close its doors?

Our Premium Anti-Virus is continuously running in the background and scanning for possible threats. It uses artificial intelligence and constantly learns and adapts on its own against new threats. Our AV also offers a recovery method as shown in the video below!

When you receive your report on the scanned threats, you have access to information such as files affected, where the virus originated, etc. This helps you prevent future issues by dealing with the source of the infection.

We will monitor and control all your cyber security from our dashboard, you don't need to worry about controlling viruses, we'll take care of that! You can focus on your own job function.


Watch this 2min demo on how ransomware is removed.

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