Backup Solutions: local. cloud. hybrid.
Don't lose your data!

- Local backups are only performed on site and rarely have multiple copies backed up for business continuity. This is the riskiest form of backup and not recommended.

- Cloud backups are the most secure form of protecting your data from potential disasters. They are offsite and backed up with multiple copies across different locations. The chances of losing your data this way are basically zero.

- Hybrid backups are a combination of local and cloud backup. In some rare instances this can be the best solution depending on the circumstances.

If your business needs disaster recovery plans in place, we are more than happy to assist. You might need more than the cloud storage from Microsoft 365. You may have additional devices that need backups that hold crucial information. If your office burns down, will you lose everything?

If you require additional backup solutions for your business laptop, server, or any other device, we will implement the most suitable solution. We almost always recommend cloud backup as a local backup is limited in terms of security and business continuity.


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