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Recently Microsoft changed their licensing name from Microsoft Office 365 to Microsoft 365. In a nutshell you have access to the following:

- Email address with 50 GB mailbox and custom email name (Your name and business name)
- Microsoft Apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
- Microsoft Teams for teamwork and collaboration with team members
- Store and share files with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage

The benefits of Microsoft 365 include shared cloud storage space which simply means you gain access to a folder where you can add, remove, share, or even collaborate on files at the same time. These help you with effective teamwork solutions and ensures your files are kept in a secure place. No need to perform your own backups.

Your 365 account allows you to have your email and Office apps on multiple devices (Cell phone, tablet) under the same account. You also have piece of mind that your emails will run on Microsoft servers and remain secure.

Access to a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams will boost your overall business productivity. Once you become an expert in Teams, you can share and collaborate on files directly on Teams and this will be synced and saved in your cloud storage folder. Watch our webinar on Teams below to become an expert!

We will help you choose the correct licensing for your business based on your needs. We will do an assessment to identify the license that will be best suited for each individual.

Gone are the days where you purchase a CD with Microsoft Office and you're done. Pay a month-month license subscription with us and always have the latest updated version of 365. Add or remove users within a 30-day notice period. Simpl has gained recognition and is in the process of purchasing our Microsoft Silver Status.


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