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Start protecting your passwords!

This platform allows all your passwords to be stored in a single and secure location. You only need to remember one password, your login to Keeper! Check out the below video to see how easy it is to use!

You may think to yourself an excel spreadhseet will do the job for storing passwords?

Not quite. Hackers are getting smarter with their cyber threats and finding ways to gain access to your passwords. What happens if your bank login info is breached? Take action now!

You have access to all your saved passwords, whether it may be a personal or shared password. Create your own personal folders or those you wish to share with other members of your team. You can also save any confidential contact information or save your credit card details.

Looking to see if your passwords are strong enough? This password manager will give you a rating for each password you create and make recommendations if you need to make improvements. You will receive access to your own dashboard where you can manage all your passwords!


Watch our short demo below.

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