Remote support. management.
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Our main goal is to ensure you receive the necessary assistance when you delete that file, forget that password, or simply can't get your Microsoft Office to work. We aim to provide remote support 99% of the time as this is far more efficient than being onsite.

We use our own remote connection software to manage all your users and their desktops/laptops. This includes proactive maintenance and an easy means to connect to each device remotely to guide you through your problem resolution.

Do you often feel stuck and tired of your current IT support? Whether it's an employee or another IT business, you may feel like your problems are ignored and never actually resolved.

Our technical support team can resolve your issues promptly, saving time and resources, and improving your business efficiency and productivity. You can work from home with piece of mind that your business will receive the support required.

Simpl has a dedicated support team excited and ready to help you. With members having over 15 years of combined experience dealing with technical support, all you need to do is send us an email to log a ticket, and we have a guaranteed response time in solving your IT issues.


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