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VoIP essentially stands for "Voice Over Internet" which in the name explains that your business phone line runs over the internet and there are no copper telephone cables needed anymore.

VoIP has been replacing traditional landlines for most businesses over the last few years. Don't worry, because in most cases you can keep your current business number.

It's as easy as taking your phone home, plugging it into your internet, and it just works. For the best solution to remote work and business continuity, your business needs a phone system that can function from any location without having any downtime. A cloud based PBX system allows you to achieve these business goals.

Simpl has been advancing in the communcation/collaboration sector since before Covid started. Have a look at our Teams Calling Service to bring additional value to your business. We can integrate our cloud PBX system with Teams so you can make and receive all your calls over Teams.


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