Briefing Email
Who is Cortana and why is she emailing me? Your Briefing Email explained.

As of September 2020 most users on Microsoft 365 will have started receiving a briefing email from Cortana. The Briefing email helps you stay in control of your calendar and be intentional about your day by providing you with relevant

Software Piracy
Did you pay for that? Software piracy and why you should avoid it.

Software piracy is bad, and you should feel bad if you use pirated software in your business.

Do you know what you signed for? Long-term contracts and why they suck in 2020.

When is it fine to sign five year agreements or contracts for IT, support and services? In our opinion, never.

Desk Phones
Tied down to your table? Are Desk Phones still necessary in 2020?

We see desk phones as just another tool tying you to your table. How can a business still maintain their calling systems, but get rid of their desk phones? Let's find out.

Data Breach
Have you heard of a large data breach? 1 easy method to check if you have been hacked.

Over the years, data breaches have become more common and data security more important. If you are worried about whether you have leaked information from a leak, what can you do to check?

Device Policy
Time to upgrade your laptops? Choosing the right device policy for your business.

Time to upgrade your work laptop? BYOD or company owned, which device policy is right for you?

Endpoint Detection & Response
Why should I pay when I can get a free Antivirus? Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) for your business.

While it is true that any protection is better than no protection, your business cybersecurity should not be left to chance. Why Endpoint Detection & Response is the "new" antivirus your business should be using.

Company Budget Work From Home
But you don’t have to drive to the Office? What Working From Home has done to company budgets.

It is true that employees are definitely saving money and time on the daily office commute. We are seeing more and more businesses starting to adopt the Work From Home model as a permanent mode of work, but how does

Security Awareness
Opened that dodgy attachment? Don’t hide it! – Cybersecurity Awareness in your business

Accidents happen. Coming forward and explaining the incident means that it can be resolved faster, but owners need to help with user Cybersecurity Awareness.

Teams Calling
Enhancing your central business tool with Teams Calling!

Businesses have struggled to keep their voice communications running while not having someone at the office to answer them. Our Microsoft Teams calling integration solves this problem.

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