Reactive and Proactive IT Support – Who wins?

Today it’s a fight between reactive and proactive IT Support. Who do you think will win? The approach to support has changed over time.

Friend or Fraud

Friend or Fraud? – Stay alert about fake accounts

Hopefully you’re aware of the risks of fake accounts on social media. Accounts are created to catfish; con people out of money; and for other kinds of exploitation. But did you know that fake accounts can be created for other

IT Issues – Your staff knows what’s wrong

Sometimes you think your employees are exaggerating about their IT issues. Here's why you should listen to them.

Your Windows 11 Checklist

Windows 11 won't run on all PCs, but here's a list of the hardware you need.

IT Plan and Budget for 2022

Because of the pandemic, ALL businesses had to rethink their strategy. Do you have a new IT plan and budget for the rest of this year, and into 2022?

Ransomware – 3 Scary Stats!

Afraid of ransomware? You should be. Here's 3 scary stats!

When should you Replace/Upgrade your PC?

Not sure when it's time to upgrade? Find out more in our post!

The Right IT Support | Do you log tickets?

Do you log tickets for support with your current IT provider? Take a look at why you should.

An Employee Leaves | What should you do with their devices?

It makes good business sense to have a checklist of things to cut off or shut down when someone leaves your business. Find out what you should do.

Using cell phones for business | Are you a target?

If you’re using cell phones for business, you may as well paint a target on your back.

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