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Your IT Support is now being looked after by us.

How can you get hold of us when you need our help?

Welcome to Simpl. 1
Send an Email to Support

Email is the most effective method to contact us. It allows us to get a full view of your issue and resolve it properly. Items to include in your email:

  • To: support@simplmsp.com
  • Subject: A short description of the issue (ie. My Outlook isn't responding)
  • Body: A more thorough explanation of the issue and errors that you are receiving. If possible, you can attach a screenshot as well

Once received, you will receive a ticket number and a member of the support team will contact you shortly after.

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Chat App

For your convenience, we are testing a new chat feature which will be used for non-urgent queries. The app is built right into your PC and can be used by:

  • Clicking the up arrow on the bottom right of your taskbar
  • Find and click on the Simpl Icon
  • Click the "Chat With Us" option

A chat window will open and allow you to communicate directly with a member of the support team.

Welcome to Simpl. 3
Give us a Call

For urgent issues, please call directly through to the support team. They can be reached by:

  • Dialling 0872 300 300
  • Pressing 1 to go to the support queue
  • Explaining the issue to the technician that answers

Calling should be used only when there is an urgent issue that needs immediate support (ie. The entire department / company cannot work)

Our working hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Need assistance from sales?

For any IT related hardware requirements (ie. laptops, keyboards, etc.), please send an email to sales@simplmsp.com. Subject to HoD approval, we will then send an official quote to upgrade / replace the requested hardware.

We thank you for taking the time to go through our onboarding guide.

We cannot wait to work with you!
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