Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is more than just Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Did you know that Microsoft 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide as of February 2020? Almost every business uses the essential tools that are included with the subscriptions, including Exchange email, OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but these applications only touch the surface of what is available. Let’s explore some of what we feel are the most useful and overlooked tools available from Microsoft 365.

1. Teams

Microsoft Teams is changing the way the business world functions. With a current active daily user base of over 75 million, why has this app picked up so much popularity? It all has to do with collaboration.

The work world has shifted, with most companies enforcing Work From Home policies to keep their staff safe. Microsoft Teams is paving the way forward, allowing the workforce to engage in workplace chat, video meetings, file collaboration, etc., all from the comfort of any available device and location. Learn more about the basics of using Teams here, or login now and give it a try.

Microsoft 365

2. Sway

Sway allows you and your collaborators to create interactive presentations in your browser. The idea is to allow users to go through presentations without the need for a presenter as it is fully web-based. Sway is also really good at embedding content such as YouTube videos and files in OneDrive. If you’re looking for an alternate way to present, login to Sway and try it out!

3. Planner

Planner is a basic project management app. Planner revolves around tasks, which can be grouped and assigned to members and teams. It allows you to track these tasks which also integrate into your other Apps such as Outlook. If you’re looking for a better way to manage projects across your company then give Planner a try.

4. To Do

A to-do list app, integrated into your other tools. It’s as easy as that. Some great benefits that come with this app include the ability to have multiple lists, add multiple members to a list, and have your to-do lists integrate with your Outlook tasks if you want that functionality. This app also works on any device that you have, allowing you to tick-off your list on the go. Check the app here.

There are plenty of other hidden tools in your Microsoft 365 toolkit, including Flow, PowerApps, and Whiteboard. If you’re interested in using these tools more effectively in your business, contact your IT support teams and ask them to help you through them. Otherwise, contact us and we can set up training sessions for you and your teams.

Do you know of some other useful tools from Microsoft 365? Leave a comment below and you may help someone out!

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