The dark web is a hidden section of the internet that you need a special browser to access. Its pages aren’t indexed by search engines, and it hosts a lot of illicit dealings.

Is the dark web only bad?

Not always. The dark web can be used for above board purposes. For example, journalists may use it to interview sources who wish to remain anonymous. But the criminal activity there is huge, with everything from drugs, guns, and counterfeit money being sold. One of the higher demand products for sale is data!

Could my data be leaked on the dark web?

If you’ve ever had a company inform you that its had a data breach, it’s likely your details are floating around the dark web. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before you’re targeted by cyber criminals. While you can’t do much about your data being breached, you can stay a step ahead, and stop cyber criminals from accessing your accounts.

What should your business do?

First, and foremost, use a password manager to create unique passwords for all your accounts and apps. Keeper Password Manager even has the capability to track any dark web activity! Also, use Multi-Factor Authentication as far as possible to add an additional layer of protection.

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