Many businesses have not realised they were not getting the right IT support until they changed from a one-man band to an efficient and effective IT business. Often it was the case that the one-man IT person would run around the office to assist with IT problems, not being able to track requested IT issues adequately. Other employees of a business may have had to jump in and assist with IT requests as the responsible IT person could not manage alone. Whether this was an internal or external IT contact, not using a ticketing system could leave anyone running around in circles, not knowing what to prioritise or where to begin.

So what are the benefits of logging tickets?

  1. When you experience an IT problem, you are able to send a support email and this will automatically log it into a system that will assign your issue to an IT technician
  2. Once a ticket is received, there is generally a guaranteed response time based on the type of issue (Forgot my password vs. the entire company is offline are very different issues)
  3. Emailing or calling an individual directly mostly results in problem resolution falling through the cracks (Multiple technicians view and take action on a ticketing system)
  4. On most systems, a user can login to the system to view the status of their ticket and follow up inside the system if required
  5. Your issue will not be forgotten as there is a process to follow before a ticket is resolved and closed, and on top of that, you can nudge your team member if you see a ticket is still open
  6. Reporting on what kind of IT issues exist in a business, and how long it takes to resolve them are available

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Do you feel that your current IT support is not very effective and you have people running to you for their IT problems? As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about IT, but you should at least know what’s going on in your business.

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