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Remote communication solution required due to hybrid office creation.

The Issue

After numerous discussions, we realised one of our potential clients needed a means to be able to communicate in the office and at home due to a hybrid office creation. The prospect didn’t have a system to allow versatility in their communications.


Client Request

To provide a solution that would enable employee communication as well as communication with clients in the office and at home.


Our Solution

After we understood the current setup of the client’s VoIP system, we discovered that we needed to work with some of their providers to extend their phone system’s functionality into Microsoft Teams. This would allow all calls to be made and received on up to 5 x devices per user (Desktop, mobile, cell, tablet, etc.) and function entirely on Teams. We applied all the correct internal functionality to allow the system to work.


The Results

We successfully worked alongside the client’s providers to get the system working. The overall solution improved their communication capabilities and boosted productivity. The client was able to retain the same providers and add us as their additional value adding partner. With the current Covid-19 conditions, a business could adapt and thrive in their own market.


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