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Welcome to Microsoft Teams 1
Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Teams gives you instant access to the people, content, and tools you need. This tutorial highlights such features as channels, chat, calls, and files. Watch this video to see how Teams can help your employees

Device Policy
Time to upgrade your laptops? Choosing the right d...

Time to upgrade your work laptop? BYOD or company owned, which device policy is right for you?

Endpoint Detection & Response
Why should I pay when I can get a free Antivirus? ...

While it is true that any protection is better than no protection, your business cybersecurity should not be left to chance. Why Endpoint Detection & Response is the "new" antivirus your business should be using.

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting | Most Productive 2
Customer Story: Think Up Consulting | Most Product...

A business built on collaboration; Think Up Consulting uses Microsoft Teams to give employees easy access to the tools they need to streamline communications and improve productivity.

Company Budget Work From Home
But you don’t have to drive to the Office? W...

It is true that employees are definitely saving money and time on the daily office commute. We are seeing more and more businesses starting to adopt the Work From Home model as a permanent mode

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting Overview 3
Customer Story: Think Up Consulting Overview

Looking for technology solutions that can help grow your business and increase productivity? Check out this video showing how Think Up Consulting uses Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft Teams to accelerate business and modernise collaboration.

Security Awareness
Opened that dodgy attachment? Don’t hide it!...

Accidents happen. Coming forward and explaining the incident means that it can be resolved faster, but owners need to help with user Cybersecurity Awareness.

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