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Software Piracy
Did you pay for that? Software piracy and why you ...

Software piracy is bad, and you should feel bad if you use pirated software in your business.

How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams 1
How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes meeting remotely easier. You can keep track of appointments, schedule, and hold meetings all in one location. Check out this video to learn how to manage meetings with Teams.

Do you know what you signed for? Long-term contrac...

When is it fine to sign five year agreements or contracts for IT, support and services? In our opinion, never.

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting | Reduce Costs 2
Customer Story: Think Up Consulting | Reduce Costs

With the wide range of tools available in Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Business, Think Up Consulting has already replaced several applications from other providers, saving nearly $14,000 a year. With Microsoft solutions, they have

Desk Phones
Tied down to your table? Are Desk Phones still nec...

We see desk phones as just another tool tying you to your table. How can a business still maintain their calling systems, but get rid of their desk phones? Let's find out.

Data Breach
Have you heard of a large data breach? 1 easy meth...

Over the years, data breaches have become more common and data security more important. If you are worried about whether you have leaked information from a leak, what can you do to check?

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