If you’re using cell phones for business, you may as well paint a target on your back. Since 2018, cyberattacks on smart phones have increased year on year, and it makes sense. They’re the perfect target for an attack. People assume that their phones are untouchable especially iPhone owners. But the truth is, there’s malware (malicious software) out there waiting to strike. This is because phones are a goldmine of valuable data.

Most people use their phone all day every day. As well as for personal use, they’ll access their work emails, documents and client data. Their phones hold all their passwords, location history, and financial information. Yet still most businesses don’t take security for cells seriously.

Here are three things you should do

1) If you don’t already, create policies for your business to ensure that lost or stolen phones are reported immediately; that updates are installed as soon as they become available; and that passcodes or biometric logins are used.

Give your entire team formal education in cyber security and the red flags to be aware of. Discourage your people from accessing public WiFi, and test them regularly on their security awareness.

Make sure that data on employee cell phones is encrypted, and that you have a lockout policy in place if a login is entered incorrectly after a few attempts. This will block brute force attacks, where lots of possible passwords are repeatedly entered until the right one is found.

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Cell phones are becoming a real area of data security weakness for businesses, so it’s really important that you increase your protection, before it’s too late.

We can help to keep your business devices protected against security threats, contact us now for assistance.

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