Outdated Tech

Start, make coffee, wait some more, and finally, work. How outdated tech is slowing you down.

No one likes to feel like they don’t have the right tools to be successful. Slow PC’s and outdated tech affect both business productivity and performance and can also lead to your workforce being frustrated and anxious about completing tasks in time. If your employee’s time and inefficient business practices don’t make you want to upgrade, let’s look at sections that might:

Security and Vulnerability.

Older operating systems eventually go unsupported, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and more recently, Windows 7. This is because manufacturers are continuously improving, adapting and changing, as should your business. Older operating systems generally get less or no support and updates, making them easier targets for hackers to exploit.

This ends up costing the business far more to recover from security breaches, data loss and the hit to business reputation. It also puts the business at a high-risk of this reoccurring, especially if changes aren’t made and the outdated tech isn’t upgraded.

Outdated Tech

Legal and Compliance Risks.

Companies that run in healthcare, manufacturing, legal, engineering, etc., tend to be targets that are low risk, high reward for hackers because of the nature of the information that they keep. Using outdated tech increases your risk of non-compliance, as well as increases the risk of cybercriminals targeting your business or firm.

Talk to your IT team and service providers and find out how they can make your systems more secure and assist you in planning a rollout and replacement strategy for the technology in your business. If you require any assistance with regards to some of the outdated tech in your business, or if you’d like us to help you with your technology strategies, please contact us.

Have any good tips for strategies for staying updated? Leave a comment below, you may help someone out!

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