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Remote working solutions needed due to office closure.

The Issue

After contacting us, we understood one of our potential clients needed to close their office and work from home. They didn’t have all the correct tools in place to securely & reliably work from home. We discovered an onsite PABX system, which confined them to a single office. The client was looked into a 5-year contract with their existing provider.


Client Request

To provide remote working solutions that would enable the client to work remotely and in multiple locations.


Our Solution

Simpl, after understanding the current constraints of our client, proposed a solution that would allow their team to operate remotely. We migrated their email to Microsoft 365, moved their PABX to cloud, and activated the calling function in Microsoft Teams. The client could now use Teams as their central business tool, promoting remote working.

The Results

The client cancelled their 5-year agreement as the benefit and value of moving to Simpl’s managed IT services  outweighed the cost to cancel the contract. The overall solution improved remote working operations and boosted productivity. The client was able to retain the same business number and move to a virtual office. With the existing lockdown restrictions and uncertainties that Covid-19 brings, a business could not only survive, but continue working more efficiently.

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