It happens in businesses on a weekly basis, an employee finds another opportunity and decides to move on from your company, or they aren’t a good fit and have to be let go. Usually when you fire someone, they are quite upset about it, and some may even seek revenge. They may take things far enough by trying to steal your company data.

So it makes good business sense to have a checklist of things to cut off or shut down when someone leaves your business. But what process should be followed when they leave in terms of handing over any IT hardware and removing them from the systems they were using?

Here are three things you should do

  1. You should have a policy for how you manage access to data and accounts for anyone who resigns. If they have a notice period, can you be sure they won’t use that time to steal client data instead of tying up loose ends?
  2. Make sure that access to all of their accounts are blocked, as well as access to any of your files.
  3. In general, the account of the PC that the employee was using will be deleted after it is checked for any files that need to be kept.
Employee Leaves

Need a hand?

Spend a little time now creating policies and ensuring you know exactly which accounts everyone has access to, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. 

Most business owners are not IT experts, and need guidance on how to create these policies. They also need an IT team to manage the process when someone leaves.

We would love to be that team that helps you, contact us now for assistance.

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