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What is effective Remote Communication

and why does my business need it?

It’s strange to think that in our current information age, where we are more connected than ever, people are feeling disconnected. How do we use technology in business to stay connected with colleagues, clients, partners and stakeholders without losing our personal touch?

The internet has opened up a world of employee collaboration possibilities. From chat, voice and video we are able to communicate at all times, from anywhere. Using the available tools can dramatically improve collaboration and help in maintaining company culture, especially while working from home.

75 %

of communication costs are saved using a Cloud PBX

67 %

of employees find it better to handle phone calls with VoIP

59 %

of the global population has access to the internet

29 %

of each day is spent using the internet

Wesley, Richard and their team were awesome in converting our phone system to MS Teams. We can now be "in-the-office", no matter where we are. I would highly recommend them for all your IT needs.

– J. Schutte, My Finance Online | Owner.
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Learn more about how MS Teams calling can work for you.

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