Backup planning. management.

Protecting your data with the cloud.

Do you need backups

and can your business afford to lose its data?

Proper backups are a core component of your business. They make up the largest sections for your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. Without them, your business and its data is at risk and, if data is lost or stolen, your business will most likely not survive.

The costs and benefits of protecting your data far outweighs the risks involved with losing it, and planning these backups correctly can save both time and money. Choose from cloud backup solutions, or local and hybrid backup services.

96 %

of businesses don’t back up their workstations

75 %

of small businesses lack a disaster recovery plan

58 %

of SME's lack the budget to recover from an attack

45 %

of all backup failures are due to hardware failure

Information has become one of the most expensive and sought after commodities of the 21st Century, exceeding the price of Gold and Platinum in some cases.

– W. Campbell, Simpl | Sales Manager.
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