Briefing Email

New Briefing Emails started coming in from Cortana, but what are they for?

As of September 2020 most users on Microsoft 365 will have started receiving a briefing email from Cortana. The Briefing email helps you stay in control of your calendar and be intentional about your day by providing you with relevant information about the day ahead.

How does it work?

Briefing emails give you an insight into your day’s tasks by reminding you of any meetings, outstanding commitments or tasks, and any emails that may have slipped past you. Cortana’s email also presents documents that you may need to be prepared for a meeting you may have for the day.

Briefing Email

Does everyone get these?

Briefing emails are personal and private and are only sent to you directly in your mailbox, which cannot be accessed by anybody else in your organization, including your IT admin or your manager. None of the info is personally identifiable and will only appear in your inbox.

These emails are safe and helpful, trying to make your life easier!

Have any advice or experience with briefing emails? Leave a comment below, you may help someone out!

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