Why Windows Virtual Desktop

Using Windows Virtual Desktop, the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust removed unnecessary stress and frustration with IT. This empowered them to devote more time providing excellent patient experiences and healthcare services. They could also promote business continuity and not allow a disease like COVID to affect their remote operations. Waiting for a PC to boot up became a thing of the past.

Using Windows Virtual Desktop to Improve Service Delivery

Working with IT can be time consuming. The East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) needed a solution that empowered them to provide excellent healthcare services without stressing about technical issues. That’s when they discovered Windows Virtual Desktop.

How does Windows Virtual Desktop Function

With this Microsoft program, ESNEFT found ways to efficiently transfer data into a cloud-based system and maintain business continuity across multiple locations in the United Kingdom. Think of Windows Virtual Desktop as the ability to access and operate your desktop from any device, anywhere in the world.

Listen to their experience of becoming a multi site organisation that can access their systems remotely and learn how you can apply these solutions to your business.

What Should Your Business do

In the time of COVID, collaborating and connecting through tools like Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams is the way to move forward. Ready to learn how Windows Virtual Desktop can drive your business into the future?

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