"A complete IT hardware upgrade for all our users"

User hardware asset upgrade.

The Issue

Soon, after signing up a new client, we identified that the user hardware/software for the business was not on par with recommended standards and that a roll out plan would be required to get all users to the recommended level.

Client Request

Before we signed our client, he was already uncertain about the IT hardware in his business and upon consultation, reqeusted a full user asset register. 

Our Solution

Simpl, after understanding all the IT assets, compiled a comprehensive asset register to indicate which items should be given attention to. We made a recommendation for each desktop/laptop on whether to keep, upgrade, or replace the device. We created a roll out plan to have the upgrades/replacements completed over a certain period of time (6 months – 1 year), with an emphasis to procure laptops to promote remote working opportunities. 

The Results

At the end of the roll out plan, our client is now up to scratch with the recommended user IT hardware specifications. They have an updated asset register which can be reviewed at every Technical Business Review. The business achieved alignment of adequate hardware and software standards and was able to unlock increased productivity and remote working capabilities.

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