“No downtime, we just carried on working from home"

Business continuity in times of disaster.

The Issue

Due to the outbreak people have been forced to work from home and might have to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Simpl Solutions aims to investigate the difference our solutions have made in this time to one of our clients.

Client Request

A solution was needed that allowed the office workforce to continue to function with little to no downtime. This meant secure methods to connect to business information, continued telephone use and the ability to communicate and collaborate internally.
Our Solution

A combination of services was required to create a seamless solution. We were able to secure each remote worker with a VPN and cloud Identity directories. Our Cloud voice solution allowed the users to continue using their telephones from an App on their mobile devices. The introduction of Microsoft Teams into the business in the previous year allowed the users the control to continue communicating and collaborating effectively.

The Results
Office and sales operations continued as they normally would. Meetings and collaborative work were done online, as was requested. All operations also remained secure. South African businesses have been massively affected by the lockdown, with 42.2% of them indicating they have already run out of cash flow. We do our best to help companies operate during this time and we were happy we could help.

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