"Cyber Security Training has reduced our cyber risk by 70% in 60 days"

Remote cyber security training and simulations.

The Issue

At Simpl, we invest highly in cyber security solutions as this is a high growing and targeted industry. We approached one of our clients that we believed would benefit from our new Cyber Security Training program to promote educating and training users on how to deal with cyber threats.

Client Request

Our client accepted the implementation of the remote training program and we began the process of setting the users up.

Our Solution

Once the users were signed up, they began the program by completing an initial gap assessment to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Once the results were in, each user would complete a short remote training session each week that focused on their unique weakenesses. Cyber Security simulations were created and sent to random users to test their knowledge on phishing, social engineering, and hacking.

The Results

Our client reduced their cyber risk by 70% and we discovered an increase in requests for Simpl to evaluate emails that appeared to be malicious. We issue monthly reports on average scores and course completion to management. The frontline of a business is its employees and they need to be aware of the various malicious emails that are growing so rapidly.

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