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Transitioning Syspro for an Established Refractory Business to Azure Cloud.

The Issue

In our ongoing endeavour to assist businesses in adopting digital advancements, we teamed up with an established player in the refractory and furnace industry. The client’s operations were being hampered by an outdated version of Syspro (Syspro 6) running on an obsolete on-site server. This infrastructure was straining under the demands of their newly remote workforce, resulting in sluggish server responses and a decline in efficiency.

Client Request

The client needed a solution to improve their server response time and enhance overall system reliability. They also wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Syspro (Syspro 8) to benefit from its enhanced capabilities and features. The objective was to transition their operations to a platform that would offer a more dependable and robust service, and that could also accommodate remote access for their dispersed workforce.

Our Solution

We proposed a move to the Azure Cloud, a reliable and secure platform that would support the client’s infrastructure needs and help optimize performance. After a successful transition to the cloud, we upgraded their system to Syspro 8, ensuring the platform was fully secured and ready for their operational needs. We also collaborated with the Syspro training team to ensure that the client’s team was fully adept at leveraging the new software to its full potential.

The Results

Post-transition, the client has reported a notable increase in system speed and responsiveness, which has had a positive impact on their remote workers’ effectiveness. The Azure Cloud uptime guarantee has resulted in reduced downtime and more stable operations. Overall, the transition has led to enhanced productivity, with the system being more readily available and easier to use.

We continue to monitor the server’s utilization, adjusting the specs as needed to optimize cost and performance. This proactive approach ensures that the client’s infrastructure keeps up with their operational demands.

The transformation experienced by this client exemplifies the positive impact of digital transition in traditional industries. The increase in their day-to-day operational efficiency showcases the potential of embracing advanced cloud-based systems, especially for businesses managing remote workforces.

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