"Using Microsoft 365 has significantly improved our operations"

Seamless Microsoft 365 Migration.

The Issue

A leading acoustical consulting firm faced several challenges with their IT infrastructure and support. Their internal IT team lacked access to current industry resources and the flexibility to manage operations effectively. Additionally, their existing infrastructure was based on Google, deviating from the industry-standard Microsoft environment used by their clients like Sasol. Compounding these issues, their outsourced IT provider lacked expertise, proposing an expensive server upgrade without incorporating the industry-standard Microsoft 365 environment. With multiple branches, symbiosis and proper communication were crucial for seamless operations.

Client Request

The potential client sought a comprehensive IT solution that would align their technology with industry standards, facilitate seamless communication across branches, and provide support tailored to their specific needs.

Our Solution

Simpl Solutions embarked on a strategic overhaul of the client’s IT infrastructure. We migrated their systems to the Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring compliance with industry standards and enabling seamless collaboration with clients. Our team implemented robust communication tools, fostering real-time information sharing and enhancing coordination among the firm’s branches.

Moreover, we deployed a dedicated team of IT experts well-versed in the acoustical consulting industry’s unique requirements. Our team proactively identified and resolved potential issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The Results

Through our partnership, The acoustics business achieved remarkable results:

1. Seamless integration with the industry-standard Microsoft 365 environment, facilitating collaboration with clients and aligning with best practices.
2. Streamlined communication and enhanced cooperation across all branches, fostering operational efficiency and symbiosis.
3. Access to cutting-edge industry resources and expertise, empowering them to stay ahead of the curve.
4. Significant cost savings by avoiding unnecessary hardware investments and optimizing their IT infrastructure.

They now enjoy a harmonious IT ecosystem tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional acoustical consulting services to their clients.

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