If you haven’t tried out Teams Calling yet as a means to assist in integrating your daily work, you should probably ask yourself why. Microsoft Teams on its own is already a great collaborative tool. By adding the calling function, you can close the circle on complete communication and collaboration. While slowly, we believe that business will go back to normal, a lot of companies will decide to keep the Work From Home model. This integration promotes working from home, and also has productivity benefits for those working from the office.

How does Microsoft Teams Calling work?

– Integrate your cloud PBX into Teams
– Retain all your current VoIP features
– Make and receive all calls from any location, on any device with Teams installed
– Take advantage of our Teams Calling Devices for specific job functions

What does Microsoft Teams Calling look like?

– Get access to a digital dialpad, just like a cell phone might have
– Add people to a call for a group chat
– Place a call on hold or transfer it

Check out our short demo below to get a better overview.

Why should you use Microsoft Teams Calling?

In an ever evolving working environment, and especially with the pandemic, business owners need to constantly adapt to changing working environments. If you haven’t changed your strategy yet, you should definitely think about this.

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