Why Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva empowers your users through Communications, Insights, Learning, and Knowledge, all inside Microsoft Teams! Although all the features are still on the way, Insights are available now.

Microsoft Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections offers you and your team the ability to stay connected within your organisation in order to keep up with your company’s latest updates. This helps to keep everyone connected and engaged.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Ever feel like you need your own personal assistant to remind you of all the tasks you need to complete? Microsoft Viva Insights can help you with this and includes benefits such as focus time, which allows you to set aside planned time for specific things you need to do. Coaching time is also available and allows you to schedule time with your manager to develop yourself in your organisation. We all procrastinate and don’t seem to find the time to advance our learning. This usually isn’t the case as we have just not set aside the time for personal development, but now you can! Also schedule time for taking breaks and reflect at the end of each day with Virtual Commute.

As a manager or leader, you want to understand what’s going on in your team. You have the capability to review each members activity and take action where required. Micro Management is not anything we would promote, but having these insights might help you improve your teams! Go over to the My Team section and review your Employee Experience and Team Effectiveness.

Insights is already available and can be downloaded from the apps store inside of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning helps you keep all your learning in one place. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or finance, you can save all related learning topics suited to your role. Topics can be assigned or recommended to you through LinkedIn or Microsoft Learn. Share and discuss learning topics with your team members! Managers are able to assign learning modules to employees and track their completion. We all want to develop ourselves and our careers!

Microsoft Viva Topics

Unsure about a topic? Microsoft Viva Topics will link you to the right resources (knowledge and experts). You’re also able to read and join any conversations, what better way to learn about a topic?

What Should Your Business do

Microsoft has promised to have all these features available this year!

If you already have Microsoft Teams, you can install Insights from the Apps Tab, if you need assistance, contact us now!

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