In the information technology era we’re currently living in, being online is essential for businesses to survive today. Gone are the door to door salesman, and handing out pamphlets won’t do the job either. Many businesses focus on strategies like cold calling, where they could be using digital presence as an engine for driving sales. We’re going to briefly go through 4 main topics you should consider when designing a website.

Online Presence

What you want to achieve is when you enter the name of your company into Google, you’d be delighted to see your company name appear on top. This won’t always be the case. Speak to an IT professional around using the correct keywords for your SEO to ensure you’re showing up right on top. You also want to be found for the specific industry you work in, e.g. Plumbing services in Johannesburg. Once your business is being found on Google, ask your clients to give you a positive Google review (Trust me, people always look at this).


One of the first impressions your website gives off is how it looks and feels to your potential client. If you had to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, think about what they would want to see. An appealing and interesting look and feel with language that is easily navigated and understood will yield better results. Also make sure your website runs smoothly (Lengthy loading pages will send your buyer away fast). You want to take your prospect on a sales journey where they make the decision themselves to buy from you.

Website Design


Once your website is running, you would want your buyers engaging with your or your website through adding valuable information in terms of a case study, blog post, or any other way of showcasing info relevant to your industry. Make sure you become known on social media platforms as well as this adds more strength to your online presence. The most popular are Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Your industry will determine where best to market your business. This usually takes a lot of trial and error to find out where your ideal client is. Once you’re writing your own blog posts, ensure they are well written in terms of grammar, spelling, and that they are personalised. Try using practical examples wherever possible.


If you have no clue about SEO, then chat to a business that specialises in website design. H1 tags, keywords, meta description, all these things will sound like rocket science to many business owners.

What should your business do

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