“We will never go back to traditional communication systems again"

Productivity and flexibility improvements to enhance remote working.

The Issue

After discussions with one of our main clients, it was discovered that there was a need to further improve on remote working capabilities. Our client was using a traditional VoIP system while working remotely and had identified the need to unify remote communication abilities.

Client Request

To provide the client with a solution that would allow them to continue working remotely with an enhanced means of communication. The client mentioned they were already extensively using Microsoft Teams.

Our Solution

Simpl, after fully understanding the business challenges, and investigating the best solution, developed an integration between our VoIP system and Microsoft Teams. All business calls now functioned through Teams, allowing all employees to pack away their desk phones and to operate on a single multi-functional system. The overall solution improved remote working operations and boosted productivity by up to 60% for all employees.

The Results

The remote teams of the client were able to stay in touch with clients, suppliers, and their strategic partners. They were able to keep their numbers and now have a fully functioning virtual office. The functionality and integration of MS Teams with apps such as Planner has added to the already productivity improvements from the system. The flexibility to deploy over multiple devices has allowed the client’s team to not be office bound and never miss a client call. The migration was seamless and painless. Working remotely, the business could face any disruption event, like Covid-19, without impacting their operations.

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