Outdated Tech

My PC is Slow! What is outdated tech actually costing your business?

No one likes to feel like they don't have the right tools to be successful. Let's explore how outdated tech is costing you more than upgrading.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ultimate account protection, Multi-Factor Authentication

What if I told you that we could deny 99.9% of unauthorized access attempts to your emails? Let's explore how Multi-Factor Authentication does exactly this.

Tech Hygiene

Tech Hygiene, regularly clean more than just your hands

Personal hygiene has always been important, but recent events have made it more important than ever. But how should you keep your tech clean?

Social Engineering

Social Engineering, It’s Probably Too Good to be True

The attackers we are talking about today are known as "Social Engineers" and they exploit the one common trait across all organisations: the human psyche.

Microsoft 365

4 hidden tools in your Microsoft 365 arsenal

Did you know that Microsoft 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide as of February 2020? Let's explore 4 hidden tools available from the suite.

Are patches & updates really that important?

Did you know that Microsoft releases patches on Tuesdays? Updates and patches allow developers to fix bugs, release new features, etc., but if your software is working, then do you really need to constantly update it?

Can you protect your business against ransomware?

Did you know that ransomware attacks a business (Any business, of any size) every 14 seconds? Let's work out what ransomware is, so you can protect yourself!

Network infrastructure

3 Factors to consider when ensuring that your network infrastructure is up to scratch

Network infrastructure is the backbone of your IT. It is what allows everyone to reach their resources. How can you ensure that your network is up to scratch?

Password Security

Password Security – The Technology making Passwords Safer

Did you know that the average business employee has to keep track of 191 different passwords? Let's explore some solutions to mitigate bad password security.

Remember to SCAN! Our 4 steps to help protect against phishing scams

Always remember to SCAN when you receive an email you feel is malicious. Here are our 4 SCAN steps to protect yourself against phishing scams.

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