A lot of people understand the value of Microsoft 365, with an average usage growth rate of 15% per year. But, many businesses don’t really know about 365 and the full benefits it can add to its users. A large percentage believe 365 is just email, Word, and Excel. However, boosting productivity, collaboration, and communication are some of the many other benefits it has to offer.

Here are the 5 Reasons to Use Microsoft 365

Reason #1 – A Secure Platform to Manage Your Business Emails

The main form of business communication today is email. While yes, there are other types of email available, and they are most likely cheaper, there’s a reason for this. It’s important to understand the differences between the three major ways email gets delivered to your inbox. Microsoft uses Exchange to host your emails and provides encryption and additional security measures. Also gain the ability to install Outlook on up to 5 x devices per user. 365 has been marketed to the Enterprise-level consumer for a reason.

Reason #2 – Access to Cloud Storage

There is no need anymore to save anything on your desktop. With Microsoft 365 you gain access to 1TB shared cloud storage space called SharePoint, and your own personal 1TB cloud storage, OneDrive. Work on a file and save it directly to SharePoint or OneDrive; your changes are updated across your synced devices. Collaborate on documents live with team members and never lose these documents with the cloud enabled backups that are run by Microsoft.

Reason #3 – Use of Microsoft Office and Other Apps

By now we all know what Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are. Every business that we have come into contact with requires these apps to perform most tasks on a daily basis. They are vital for operations. On top of these, you have access to a large variety of apps that you can install through Microsoft Teams, which we’ll go into more detail below.

Reason #4 – Microsoft Teams

48% more people started using Microsoft Teams between 2020 and 2021. With the impact of Covid, most businesses had to close their offices and work from home. Teams enabled users to communicate, collaborate, and be more productive from any location. With our new Microsoft Teams Calling integration, users are able to be even more productive through using a central business platform for most of their work.

Reason #5 – Microsoft Planner

If you need to schedule a project or manage your tasks better, Microsoft Planner is seriously worth considering. Microsoft Planner is a great tool to keep your productivity at its best. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, go to the Apps tab inside Teams and download “Tasks by Planner and To Do”. The Microsoft Planner app will be downloaded and can be used directly inside of Teams.

Microsoft 365

Why aren’t You Using Microsoft 365?

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